Thursday, March 19, 2009

at Chongro 5 ga, Seoul

People were standing to see the demonstration how the knife cut well and never became dull.

Knife seller was showing the special license for the knife.

He was explaining how to polish the soot covered utensils with the polishing cleaner he sells. He hung a small microphone for the customers to hear well. Some old man told me that he bought and it removed the dirt as he said.

At an alley I found an interesting sign board "Picasso Dress shop". It was repeated four times here and there.


Kim Mikyung said...

정겨운 이야기가 있는 종로5가의 풍경이네요.즐겁게 감상했습니다.

Hur,Kook Joong said...

그 누가 이 에너지를 당할 사람이 있을까? 존경합니다.