Wednesday, April 1, 2009

at Pimatgol, Seoul

She was grilling fish for the customer at a small eating house located in the alley named 'Pimatgol'. I watched a program lon TV about the removal of the place where many small eating housed with a long history since Chosun dynasty. In that period the low class people had to bow their heads during the high class people passed. Therefore they wanted to escape the difficulties by using the alley. Pimatgol means 'village to escape horse'. In the alley many eating houses serve dishes for ordinary people in cheaper prices. Nowadays, the site locate in the center of Seoul, Kwanghwamoon. Around it high rise buildings were built. Naturally urban planners and owners become to choose to use the site for the interest and efficiency of the land. Though the buildings are under removal several eating houses were open still. I sketched the scenes.


Kim Mikyung said...

I really like your bold stroke.

bh yoo said...

Thank you MK! I love your soft, delicate, and accurate strokes too! :)