Wednesday, April 29, 2009

open-air concert

in subway no. 5

I did this in construction site near my house before I took a bus.

singers 'Wooden Bicycle'

audience on the lawn

audience on stairs

camel in park
I used to transfer from a bus to a train for going to Grand parks. I was walking to the subway station by Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. I could hear some voice of woman spoken over a microphone. She said that the duet "Wooden Bicycle" would sing. In the back yard of that building performances used to be held for the salary men working near the building which located in the center of Seoul during their lunch time. Because the singers were famous a lot of people gathered to hear them. I was lucky to happen to pass the place at that moment just before they began to sing. I sat on the grass near the singers and sketched them as fast as I could. Of course I enjoyed their songs very much. Sketching gave another pleasure to me.


Pat said...

These are great, spontaneous and wonderful paintings. you have captured the moment. I feel like I can hear the music.

bh yoo said...

I felt thrilled also. It was the first chance that I could hear their songs lively. Thanks a lot for your kindness!