Friday, May 8, 2009

today's sketches

Around Chungryangri market I drew this one sitting on the stairs of a bank.
Different from the inside of the market the air was not good because the street was heavy with traffic. What's worse was that one guy smoked beside me.

I found a new way to wash anywhere by using a waist bag in which I put the small water bottle.
I could finish this one standing in the shade of cassette tape selling cart.
The vendor saw and smiled seeing my drawing.

Near my house workers were preparing for work to remove the old net(internet).
Their waist tool bags and ropes caught my eye.

Before I started to market, I caught this scene at the bus terminal.
The building is a dormitory for the students from Chunra southern province.
I liked the red color of the pumpcar.


Isabel said...

great colorful sketches a pleasure

bh yoo said...

Thank you! I enjoyed sketching them too.

Pat said...

Hi Yoo, You have been so busy. All of these paintings. I love them all.

bh yoo said...

Thank you Pat! While washing them standing in street I could have confidence newly.

TIA said...

I love these. You are not posting to USK? I am glad I visit your blog. I am beginning to get used to be a blog follower. May be we should follow each other.

bh yoo said...

Thanks a lot Tia. So pleasing to follow you!

FAPORT International said...

i really fell in love!they are mind blowing