Monday, June 15, 2009

Women's cell in Seodaemun Prison

Women's cell in Seodaemun Prison, pen, watercolor, 25 x 25 cm
Days ago I went to Seodamun Prison located near Seodaemun Independence Park, Seoul.
There the Japanese style building caught my eye. I looked for the information about the building. It was built on 1916 under the Japanese colonial ruling period. Under the ground floor there were four women's cells to the height of 1.48 m that the prisoner couldn't stand upright. The patriot Ryu Kwan-soon died there. The basement was buried on 1934 but restored on 1992. I want to go there again some day to sketch and feel our painful history.


Kim Mikyung said...

Nice drawing and so impressive story! Thanks.

bh yoo said...

Thank you always for your encouraging comments.
We can dream that our drawings may change the world in a beautiful way. :)