Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pairs of shoes

Yesterday I went to Chongno District office for submitting an objection related with the parking violation. The District office building had been used originally for the Susong Elementary school in the center of Seoul, where I had attended for two years before I had moved to another place. Therefore I recollect the old days whenever I visit there. After I finished the business I stepped out of the elevator I saw this scene. At first a man near fifties was busy with shining the shoes. I hesitated to sketch him because I didn't know whether he'd like being sketched within a distance of 1-2 m. While I was thinking a minute he rose up from his stool to deliver 7-8 pairs of shoes holding with his 10 fingers to their owners before the closing time. I took that chance to sketch though the shoe shiner wasn't there.

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Pat said...

Hi Yoo, How great that you captured the moment. this is a great sketch. I can tell that the man will be away for a short time. I can see it in your line and design.