Wednesday, September 9, 2009

at Chongro street

At the side of Miliore building staffs were changing the bulb of street lamp using folding ladder. When I begun to sketch they left soon after finishing. So I couldn't describe in detail about the ladder. But it was a special experience.

I tried to sketch this one, so complicated. The colors are of primary mostly. Though it was hard to sketch I could feel the past times when I used to buy such stuffs for my kids.

In sidewalk of Chongro there was a booth selling personal seal made on the spot. The seller was having lunch delivered from the near the eating house at market. After I finished this one I asked about the 'umblical cord' seal. These days people want to make a personal seal for their babies for memorial of the births to keep the umblical cord ever.

I made this one before I came home at Susong-dong. The long ducts caught my eye. They might be for the restaurant, I supposed.

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