Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Korean food - Sulnongtang

Today I went to Myungdong which has been one of the busiest downtown in Seoul for long. Before the south part of Seoul was developed in a large scale it was the mecca of young and old fashionable people. Walking the street I found a restaurant where several people were waiting to enter. It was a famous restaurant for Sulnongtang which the material was supplied from a factory through all chain stores for consistency in taste and above all for its owner's good deeds. I stood in a line and had a dish(5 dollars). Sulnongtang is a kind of soup made by boiling bone and beef of cow. The Kimchi and cooked rice are indispensable. It's loved for its convenience to serve and nutrition. It was delicious and I couldn't keep me from sketching it though there were some people waiting to sit outside. Of course the soup became tepid while my drawing. I came out the restaurant I took the photo of the four talents who acted in the TV drama in which the company was used as a model . The drama was very popular last april. I read the notice that the owner of the shop had donated all the receits(8600 dollars)on the opening day( Sept. 5, 2009) after remolling to the Chung-ku district office for supporting of poor people. I washed the drawing in the Myungdong catholic church located nearby the restaurant depending on my memory about the colors of dishes.


Pat said...

Hi, I haven't been over to visit your blog for a week and I am just blown away by all you have done. I love the different views, the color and the contrast and design. Beautiful work.

bh yoo said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I learn a lot from your attitudes toward art, life, and love for animal and plant.