Wednesday, September 23, 2009

two sketches at bus

On the bus I sketched two pieces today. She looked charming. To enjoy the pencil line I didn't wash it.
The bottom is about the machine which we use when we get on to pay the fee. In Korea we use bus card instead of cash. We put the card on the middle machine on left side. When we're short of surplus money in card we put the cash into the container on right side. If there's change to be repaid the coins fall down in the bottom machine of left side. When we use cash we must pay 100 won(1 dollar : 1200 won) more.  When we get off the bus we must put the card on the T machine at back door in order to reduce the fee in case we transfer to another bus. We can transfer 5 times within 30 minutes every time. If the bus comes lately by traffic jam over 30 minutes, we must pay another fee (900 won).  This system is loved by citizen because we can transfer to any bus and pay the reasonable fee according to the distance we take.

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