Monday, October 26, 2009

scenery at Galdam-ri, Yong-in

24 x 32 cm, pencil and watercolor

studio of a sculptor with oil pastel and oil, 38.5 x 52.5 cm

24 x 32 cm, pencil and watercolor

24. x 32 cm, pencil and watercolor
Yesterday I went to Galdam-ri, Yong-in city near Seoul with other outdoor painters. The houses were built in new style. But the atmosphere was still satisfactory. All of us (40 members) enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery.


Pat said...

Hi Bh, I wish I could be with your group to paint. I like the strong color and design of the painting of the compound and the one of your had. You are so productive right now. Now is the time we all have to work with.
Sending a big Hug.

bh yoo said...

Hi Pat! I also hope to have a chance to paint with you in the future in some place of this earth. Let's pray for that. Thanks!