Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sketches at Namdaemun market

This is a view seen from the stairs at Namdaemun market. I was caught by the awning spread in front of me. Loved the geometric shapes and the contrast between sunlit awnings and darkness under them.

People was buying cds. I could hear the hit pops all the while drawing this one.

I tried to draw the Central Post Office in Seoul located in Myungdong. The shape of the building looked great though I couldn't describe well enough to show its real shiny, twin form.


Kim Mikyung said...

뭐랄까.. 유선생님 그림은 날 것의 싱싱한 느낌이 있어요. 그 점이 언제나 매력적입니다. ^^

bh yoo said...

반고호도 현장사생을 많이 했다고 하던데요. 유명한 별이 빛나는 밤 그림도 그랬다고요. 그런데 그것이 그의 그림의 강점이자 약점이라고 쓴 글을 봤어요. 날것이 숙성되지않은 점도 내포한다고 생각합니다. 매력으로 보신다니 감사합니다. :)

Anonymous said...

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