Tuesday, November 24, 2009

at Gwanghwamun Square

King Sejong's statue is put on a high pedestal. The behind building is the former Integrated Government Building. The function was moved to new Gwachon building.

In front of King Sejong's statue there was a big event to make Kimchi amounting to 10 kg x 2009 boxes which would be delivered to old people living in solitude. The event was supported by Agriculture Association. Many volunteers were eager to make Kimchi.

Inside the tents, the professor in gastrology, Yoon Sook-ja, was teaching how to make Kimchi.

Boxes filled with delicious Kimchi were piled for delivery. I could walk the Gwanghwamun Square which was designed this year removing the central lanes for cars. People love to walk and enjoy the scenery around the real central part of Seoul. Though I wanted to sketch the scenes I had no other papers but a ballpoint pen and a towel box. I used the inside of the box. I washed them at home. I should have kept a sketchbook 'always' as an urban sketcher.

King Sejong created the script of Korean language on 1443 with his scholars. Its creativity, reasonality, and scientific traits were proved by professional scholars in world. In front of the far mountain locates the Blue House(President's residence).


Kim Mikyung said...

광화문에서 저런 행사도 있었군요. 종이박스에 그린 그림 아이디어도 멋지고 그림도 참 좋습니다.^^

bh yoo said...

늘 지나치던 광화문 광장을 한번 걸어보았어요. 마침 김치담그는 행사도 있어서 교수님 말씀도 들으며 김치는 6-8시간 정도 절여도 된다, 씻어서 엎어놓아야 물기가 잘 빠지고 김치맛도 좋아진다는 내용을 배워왔지요. 궁즉통이라고 궁하면 아이디어도 나오더군요. 좋은 경험이었고 느끼는 바도 많았구요.