Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sketchcrawl with Steve from Sydney

at the Baejae front ground, Seoul

at Jeongdong church, Jeongdong, Seoul

at Jeongdong church, Seoul

X-mas tree in front of Seoul city hall

It was real cold today. We dared to sketch around Seoul city hall. Seoul sketchers, Kim Mi-kyung, Lee Yong-hwan and I participated in this ccrawl with Steve and Susie from Sydney. We talked and sketched on a bitterly cold day. We departed in the Gwanghwamun Square promising to meet again. Thanks all!


Pat said...

Hi bh,
I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and to say thank you for making my year special by posting your wonderful art work and giving me a glimpse of your world. Your friendship has ment a lot to me.

Kim Mikyung said...

마지막 그림, 마음에 들어요. 사각형 속의 삼각형, 재미있어요.

bh yoo said...

Thanks you Pat and MK! Hope you Happy New Year!