Monday, December 7, 2009

sketches around Sejong University, park, and people in street

It was cold but water on paper was not frozen yet.
The building was still under construction at Sejong University.
It was warm inside the botanical garden at Children's Grand Park.
I sketched people in bus stop or at crossing from the bus window.


Pat said...

I enjoyed your blog today. I have not been able to visit because of computer problems and so I had some catching up to do. I especially like your pencil and charcoal line drawings. It really showcases you ability to draw.

bh yoo said...

Yes, we became to be anxious and fretted when we couldn't access to the computer! Hope it work well. Thanks!

TIA said...

Dear Byung-hwa,
I will be visiting Korea during x'mas seasons. Will love to meet up with Korea sketchers say on 22 Dec if possible. Please let me know whether you will be in town? My email is Regards, TIA.