Thursday, April 29, 2010

We'll never forget you, young soldiers!

46 young marine soldiers were dead by the attack which had split the Chunan ship into two at the Yellow Sea of Korea on March 26, 2010. 58 soldiers were saved bofore it was sunken. People were waiting for their turn to express their deep condolence to them at the Seoul City Hall Plaza.

Searching the missing soldiers one UDT member, Han Ju-ho was dead. Tents were installed for condolence. The Naval funeral was held today and they were buried in the Daejon National Cemetery.

I went there to participate in the national condolence for the dead marine soldiers. Photo Exhibition was on too beside the ceremony of condolence. The day was so bright but too sad thinking of them. 19 years old one was included among them. The left one, Sergeant Park Kyung-soo was one who had been survived in the sea battle of Yeunpyong on 2002, was dead this time. And his body couldn't be found till the last. Lots of notes were attached on the boards for wishing their eternal rest in heaven.

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