Friday, March 25, 2011

sketches on March 25, 2011

in front of Bonsol Coffee located near Naeja Crossroad, Seoul

at Zazangmyun restaurant located at Hyoja-dong, Seoul

in front of Shilla Myungua bakery at Buam-dong, Seoul

in front of cute coffee shop 'Gumeong Gage(small shop)' located at Sinyeong-dong, Seoul

I walked from my house to Gwanghwamun Square. While walking I had good time sketching these shops. Some owners asked me to come in and to have coffee being pleased with the drawings. I let them know the websites on which their shop drawings would be posted. Just walking gave the chances to meet nice people while sketching! Thank you for the kindness you've shown on the strange sketcher! (27.5 x 17 cm, pen and watercolor)

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