Monday, August 1, 2011

sketches at Gwangwhamun

Dongwha Duty Free shop

sculpture of Oldenberg and the Chosun Newspaper bldg

people along the Cheonggyechon street under parasols

Cheonggyechon stream with people

an old man at the bus stop

On the way coming home after sending soybean sauce to my daughter at Gwangwhamun post office I could sketch for a while, after long, long rainy days. Though the weather was cloudy and rain dropped a little from time to time citizens and foreign tourists seemed to enjoy the flowing water. At bus stop I sketched an old man with his umbrellas, one tied on his sack and the other laid beside him.


Kim Mikyung said...

이 날 스케치하신 것들 다 좋네요..

bh yoo said...

스케치하면서 점점 마음이 편해지더군요. 한없이 해나갈것같은...감사합니다!