Wednesday, September 7, 2011

sketches using soft pastels(square)/Sept.7,2011

village scenery, soft pastel (square), A 4
I tried to sketch the byway scenery at Gugi-dong waiting for the shuttlebus to swimming gym center.

Cafe Joseph, soft pastel(square), A 4
Walking down the street from the swimming center to Gwanghwamun Square I can see this cafe near the Sejongro Catholic church located at Pilundong, Seoul. I used to stop to see the flowers in pots whenever I passed by. Today I tried to draw the frontal feature of the Cafe Joseph. The owner, young lady, came out to see the drawing and liked very much. She offered for me to have a cup of coffee inside the cafe after finishing. But I had to leave for some business in bank after showing the drawing and promised that I'd post it on my blog. She'd visit to see her shop as I noted the blog address. Thank you, beautiful lady for the kindness you've shown!


Kyoung Won JUNG said...

블로그 머릿그림 언제적 작품이신가요? 생략된집들과청색빛의 서-늘한 그늘 ----
좋은작품들 감상하게 해주셔서 감사합니다

bh yoo said...

아마도 10년도 더 된 그림같습니다. 어딘지 기억도 가물거리는...그래서 날짜와 장소를 꼭 적어놓아야 되는 것을 요새 느낍니다. 야수회 사생작이고 크기는 20호구요. 지난번 20호 한꺼번에 찍느라고 날짜는 못봤어요.^ ^