Thursday, November 3, 2011

yogi from Russia at a bus

a yogi from Russia at a bus, pencil, 25 x 18 cm

I can't remember where the disciples of same orange colored dress which was knotted at back got on the bus. Might it be around Haebangchonm Yongsan. I tried to draw one of them who sat across the corridor but stopped because I was not sure whether he'd like or not. When I got up near my bus stop I saw that standing guy. He was one of the group. I started to sketch him at once just before I got off the bus though I had not enough time. After I finished the drawing rapidly I asked one of them whether they were buddhists. He denied saying they were of hinduism, added a word, 'yoga'. I asked one more 'Where from?'. From Russia. And another guy who seemed to be a chief of the group told me about the book. I bought a booklet for 2000won(less than 2 dollars) at the very moment of getting off the bus saying 'I'll read carefully, nice to meet you!'. 

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