Saturday, February 18, 2012

at POSCO Center Building, Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

photographer for concert

violinists waiting for rehearsal

scene of filming of TV drama

engineers for the sound effects & lighting

fish at aquarium in the hall 

 rehearsal scenes for the concert

Frank Stella's work(Legendary Island of Iron In the Indian Ocean, 11 x 5M, 1997) 
on 2nd floor wall

photographer in front of a big aquarium(5M width, 9M height)

Video Art Works of Baek Nam Jun at the entrance Hall

Dongbu building seen from 2nd floor of POSCO Center Building

When we, Seoul Urban Sketchers, arrived at the building at 10 : 30 am, we found that POSCO CENTER CONCERT would be held at 6 pm.  It's said that POSCO offer various kinds of concerts once a month for people. It's interesting that the ticket is free and given out on the lottery system in internet.  At the stage of entrance lobby and the 2nd floor all the staffs for the concert were very busy. What a lucky coincidence! In the afternoon, a large group for TV drama location came in with lots of equipment. I captured one scene hurriedly. It was very fun to sketch hearing nice songs in rehearsal. 

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