Wednesday, April 18, 2012

two sketches / tiger & campus scenery

sleeping tiger

at Sejong University

pencil (6B), A 4

Today the park was really busy with kindergarten kids from everywhere. It's cherry blossom season. When it blew the flower flew. Beautiful was the scenery. I tried to draw tiger taking time using eraser often for the better seeing through the pane glass. The more I draw the more I get to know, which I realized today.


Perrine Renoir said...

"the more I draw the more I get to know"

Thanks for sharing.

Kyoung Won JUNG said...

많이그릴수록 많이 얻게된다는 말씀 명심해야겠습니다.

bh yoo said...

I became to love the subject itself. Thank you!!