Friday, September 7, 2012

at Children's Grand Park, Amusement Park, Sept. 7, 2012

pencil, watercolor, 210 x 30 cm

The park locates at Neungdong, Seoul. Because the park is free for citizens there are lots of people who walk, come for picnic with family to see animal and enjoy at amusement park too. But the amusement park was closed since July 1st this year for changing new riding machines till March next year. This one locates by the way of rear entrance. So I could draw though the amusement park was prohibited to enter.

On the way going to the main entrance I saw that a walking way was being made around the botqnical garden. One guy was cutting the iron bars for poles and etc. I asked what the way was for. They said it was for just for people to walk appreciating the scenery aloft from the ground though it was not high too much. especially with their babies in prams. 

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