Tuesday, December 11, 2012

at the Korea University

sepia conte, 14 x 19.5 cm

at the Museum of the Korea University
The museum locates at Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall in the university.
14 x 19.5 cm

scenery seen from the 3rd floor of the museum
sepia conte, 19 x 25.5 cm

the Centeniel Memorial Samsung Hall seen from the Tiger Plaza
pencil & watercolor, 19 x 25.5 cm

I visited the museum inside the university. The first floor was about the history of the university founded on 1905.  On the 2nd floor I could appreciate precious historical assets including paintings, sculpture, furniture, clothing and so on.  Head of Buddha attracted me. And the candle stick looked very nice in design. I feel every time I see that the design of furniture in the Joseon (Lee) Dynasty is superb and very modernistic. On the third floor were there modern paintings of Nam Gwan, Park Seobo, Bang Hyeja, and so on. I asked the guard(student) whether I could sketch in the resting area provided for visitors. He permitted it on the condition that I should not use 'pen'. I used sepia conte in holder and captured the campus scene which was very beautiful with snow.  I tried to sketch the Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall at the steps of the Tiger Plaza. While sketching a lady addressed me showing interest in sketching. By the cold weather the watercolor was frozen instantly when I washed the sketch outside. The lady asked me to have tea with her in the cafe. There I could dry the drawing almost. I thank her for tasteful tea and bread. Hope her to join us someday!

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