Wednesday, January 23, 2013

at the Seoul Station

at the lobby, 2nd floor
sepia conte, A 4

Whle sketching the above one I could hear an announcement that a performance would be on the same floor at 2 pm. I went there and took a seat for sketching and seeing the concert. The "Concert of Sharing Hope" was promoted by KORAIL, Seoul Administration for the successful "2013 Pyeongchang Winter Special Olympic".  The olympic is of the intellectual disabled. And the players of the concert consisted of the disabled. But the audience were all touched by their exciting and moving performance. 

Kim Ji-hee played the guitar and sang a popsong. Her mother sat beside her cheering her daughter. 

Six young boys and girls danced so excitinglly. They played the famous 'Gangnam Style' too. Everybody liked it.  The name of team was "Momzit(gesture)". 

The last performance was samulnori of "DDamtti(heat rash)".  How exciting and rhymical the sound was! 

Engineers with sound system for the performance

street scenery seen from the food court, 3rd floor
old Seoul station building(left), Severance building(middle), Seoul Square building(right)

A nun was waiting for somebody at the lobby.

Kim Ji-hee and her mother posed after performance.

I enjoyed so much and wished the successful "Special Olympic" too.

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