Sunday, June 23, 2013

sketches at Jawoon Seoweon (자운서원, 紫雲書院), Paju city, Gyeonggi Province

mineral water site in the Jawoon Seoweon, where cool water flows endlessly
12 x 16 inches

360 years old tree and Gangindang (강인당, 講仁堂) - building for lecturing by Y I (이 이)
sketched under the roof of Ipjijae(입지제 立志齋) - right dormitory building for students

sketched a scene of the memorial stele of Y I under the parasol near the entrance gate

I visited Jawoon Seoweon (자운서원, 紫雲書院) yesterday. In the mineral water fountain I took cool water. The cultural asset site was set up in 1615 for the great scholar Y I, Yulgok(1536-1584) in Joseon dynasty. His family burial ground locates inside. 

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