Sunday, October 6, 2013

at the Multicultural Unity Festival, Goyang city (2013 고양 다문화 어울 마당)

reflected image of buildings at Hwajeong Culture Plaza, 
17.5 x 27.5 cm

Korean tradiotional drum player


a kid feeling asleep

kids having lunch at restaurant near the plaza

mom from China(?) holding her baby 

a woman in subway

Days ago I met a woman who's been living in Hwajeong, Goyang city in subway. At that time I was sketching pessenger across the corridor. She showed interest in my sketching. So I talked with her for a while and gave my name card to contact me. She sent a message letting me know about the festival to be held in her village. The event was for multicultural families in Korea wishing to be united with natives. I pasticipated in and enjoyed the festival with her and her friend. As in usual festival there were kinds of food from many countries, show of traditional clothes, accesaries such as hats, unique toys and music players. Lots of people enjoyed the Taegwondo performance by girls and boys from multi-countries. Multicultural families are increasing in Korea. These events would be helpful for the understanding of different cultures. Thank you ladies for your friendly reception! 

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