Thursday, March 5, 2009

at Chongro 2 ga, Seoul

I sketched goods such as kite, masks, dolls, wrapping cloth, pillows, and bag in front of a shop at Insadong, Seoul

I sketched this on the fourth floor, rooftop of Nagwon building at Chongro 2 ga, Seoul.
The bottom shop in the drawing was a delivery agency, so delivery vans were parked in a row.

I sketched this at the parking lot of Seungdong church located at Insadong, Seoul.


Kim Mikyung said...

같이 못 나가서 죄송했어요.그림 많이 그리셨네요. 세 작품 다 좋습니다.꽤 집중해서 그리신 듯하네요. 짧은 시간에 완성된 그림 같지 않군요.

bh yoo said...

I used an easel for the lower two drawings because I wanted to sketch and wash on the spot. The size was 32 x 41 cm, Fabriano. For the top one I sketched on the spot and washed at home. Because I felt it was not proper to wash in front of the shop. I feel I have to sketch more at Insadong, Chongro.