Tuesday, March 3, 2009

barbershop at Chongro 3 ga

I sketched this shop at Chongro 3 ga. The charge for a haircut is 3,500 won(ca 1500 won/1 dollar), 5000 won for dyeing hair. The fee is lower than others'. The black wash stand is put out of the shop because the shop is small. This shop was appeared on television program, Documentary 3 days of KBS on Jan. 24, 2009. The program was about the barbershops, restaurants where old people use often due to the cheap charge and the homogeneous feelings they share in old generation. On right wall the photos of that shop were hung proudly.


Anonymous said...

it is a pleasure to view these sketches from the other side of the planet.

bh yoo said...

I feel the same in your blog. Sharing may be the most beautiful and worthwhile thing. Thanks!