Monday, July 20, 2009

at dental clinic

at clinic, July 20, 2009, ballpoint pen, 15 x 16.5 cm

waiting patient, July 20, 2009, ballpoint pen, 8 x 15 cm
I went to dental clinic for checking my son's teeth. I sketched two scenes. I didn't keep sketchbook. So I had to draw on small notebook.


Kim Mikyung said...

새로운 스타일이네요.:)

bh yoo said...

뜻이 있으면 길이 있더라구요. 스케쳐라면 스케치북은 항상 지녀야한다는 것을 새삼 느꼈어요. ^ ^
(Where there's a Will, there's a way! I realized that a sketcher should keep a sketchbook always.)

Pat said...

hey, this looks like my doctor's office.