Saturday, August 1, 2009

waterlily containers

Today three sketchers came to my village. I went out with them to small temple near my house. Because it was a weekday worshippers came rarely. We enjoyed sketching and talking in a calm front garden under a big tree. There were many containers for raising waterlilies on the stone steps. It was a great scene. And I was surprised at and admired the idea.


Pat said...

How fun to have someone come and paint with you.
Love your work and enjoyed seeing the water gardens all lined up on the steps. Were they growing without any filters or anything? Tell me more if you have time.

bh yoo said...

I didn't find any water pipe connected to the containers or filter. I also wondered how to exchange water in such a lot of containers. I thought the waterlilies were not blossoming well due to the improper raising though the idea was good. I'll ask about this matter when I visit there next time and let you know. Love your interest in gardening!