Monday, August 31, 2009

at Oksu-dong, Seoul

I went to Oksu-dong where I could arrive by bus which started from my village. I got off at the terminal of that bus, from where I walked down without any desstination but for sketching. There was a sparkling motorbikes in a row in backyard of Domino Pizza. The chain stores have no tables inside the shops for they usually sell by delivery. There were waiting to run for orders of pizza. Their shining surface caught my eye.

I walked down the street into the Kumnam market which was covered with parasols. When I passed the red pepper shop I stopped to sketch. The female owner came to see the drawing and was satisfied with that she was described as younger and more beautiful. Inside the shop they equipped the grinder for the redpepper. Red pepper is essential in Korean food such as Kimchi especially. And it's right time to buy them for next year and the storaging Kimchi at coming winter. While my drawing this one some customer buyed them and grinding was followed. The hot smell arrived to my nose instantly.

I tried to find the village which had been broadcasted in TV. The village was to be redevelloped soon. I asked the villagers and could confirm that the village on the hill which was drawn far in this drawing. I'll go there again to sketch before those houses were removed before the redevelopment.

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