Tuesday, September 1, 2009

at Eunpyong bus depot, Seoul

at Eunpyong bus depot, 25 x 25 cm, pen and watercolor

Engineers were busy with repairing the bus.

One engineer were inside the box of the bus to mend.

I got on the bus no. 7730 in my village and got off at the bus terminal. Luckily there was a big bus depot for several bus lines. And the large building with high ceiling was comparted for repairing buses of each lines(I just guessed). I sketched several and washed them on the drum. Of course engineers came to see asking why and what for. Thankfully one guy brought a cup of coffee. I loved them, arduous and sincere workers.


Pat said...

WOW!, you have been busy. these are wonderful and I think you are ready to make a book.

bh yoo said...

Ha ha... Thanks a lot for encouraging. I'm so happy to meet you even in a net. Hope to see you in future.