Wednesday, October 6, 2010

at Namdaemun Market

 I sketched this one (24 x 32 cm) entering the market. The big awnings caught my eye.  As always there were so many people buying goods. A woman with red apron was carrying food plate on her head.

I sketched this alley before from the low place. This time I did from the high looking down.
Sketching this, I became fond of drawing with pencil.

The man with red clothes and black hat made me put my sketchbook out of my sack. He was shouting "Please go up to the stores where low priced and high quality goods are!".
I feel energy and joy whenever I visit Namdaemun Market.


Kim Mikyung said...

두번째 그림 참 좋네요.

BH Yoo said...

그 현장은 전에 아래에서 위로 올려다 보고 그리기도 하였고 천막을 중점으로 그렸던 것같기도 하고 매력있는 장소라 항상 눈여겨 봅니다. 이번에는 연필로만 그려보니 색다른 느낌이 오더군요. 요즘 칠할 시간도 없고 연필로만...