Friday, February 24, 2012

on a cloudy day around Gwanghwamun, Seoul

On the way going to the shuttle bus stop I saw the road sloping sharply. Because I should not miss the bus I drew this in a hurry in 5 minutes. 
A 4, sepia conte in holder

I sketched once more at the same spot of Jongno Culture & Gym using sepia drawing pencil. A 4

Near the swimming center there is a village of Korean traditional style houses. It locates lower than the road. And I guessed that the village may have been waiting for redevelopment of the area seeing the roofs were covered by sheets of tarpaulin. 

I couldn't pass this blue building in Pilueun-dong near Sajig-dong without drawing it. Though the weather was not shiny, I found a good place to draw across the street. While drawing a lady looked into and said "Oh, I wanna have it!" So I asked her 'Are you related with this building?" She nodded. I asked again " Owner?" She said "Yes!" She let me know the architect who designed that building. The name of the building was J & J. She took a photo of the drawing and me saying that she would send it to the architect and was sure that he would like it a lot. I gave her my name card to visit our blogs. 

On the way coming home I had to go to Le Meilleur building located at Jongno 1-ga. While waiting my turn in bank. I sketched the scene indoor. A 4, soft pastel, pen

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