Sunday, March 25, 2012

patients' hairs done by volunteer hairdressers

old woman waiting for her turn in bed

left woman (nurse), right woman (hair dresser) 

Her husband (right) was a patient too and helping beside the bed.

Today I went to Heavenly Hospital located in Goyang city for visiting my parents who were hospitalized this month. After 11 o'clock nurses checked who would like to cut their hairs. At the lobby of 5th floor hair dressers began to do patients hairs. Song Min Ja, owner of her hair salon, and her two daughters with male hair dresser were doing for the patients. While doing their job, a female reporter interviewed her about the purpose, motive, and worth. I heard that the interview would be broadcast on the radio. I heard that they have been visiting voluntarily once a month. Though my mother didn't cut her hair I was impressed a lot seeing their sacrificing efforts for the patients while sketching them. I gave my name card to one of her daughter, hair dresser saying that I'd post these sketches for praising on my blog. You're great, and thank you so much!

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