Thursday, January 17, 2013

at the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

I went to the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum to see the special exhibition "The Life and Culture of American Indian". Kinds of baskets and pottery of Membres were on show. Geometric patterns on them was impressive. Some reminded me of ours.

Membres Black-onWhite bowl with Duck Design

Membres Black-on-White Bowl with Geometric Design

scenery inside the museum with ramp to the pernament exhibition halls

Bowl with handles, Hanseong Baekje

Animal Shaped Pottery, Three Kingdoms period

model kiln of ancient times

part of the museum located in Yongin city, Gyeonggi Province

백남준 아트 센터, NJP Art Center, Nam June Park Art Center, located in Yongin city near the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
I couldn't go the NJP Art Center for the short of time. It had a good appearance. I hoped to visit there next time to see his great video art works.

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