Tuesday, January 15, 2013

at the Konkuk University Museum

I got off at the Konkuk University subway station linked to the hospital, university campus, and so on. I wanted to look around the hospital at first. These days the interior design of general hospital is very luxury and full of hospitality as the word 'Hospital' means. When I entered the Konkuk University Hospital lounge nice piano music sounded. There was a grand piano and two girls (middle, high school students) were playing. I heard from the guard that they were playing volunteers for the patients in hospital. I took a photo of them. 

 a grand piano and christmas tree in a lounge for visitors & patients

How pretty they were!

I went to the Konkuk University Museum. Big pottery chimneys caught my eyes. At my young age we used chimney which was connected by several tubes(pottery) not in such a big cylinder type. I think that kind of pottery might be very hard to move for common use. Those chimneys were made specially.

This mirror box was  different from which I've seen before. Usual ones had drawers under the mirror. This box had sliding doors for keeping cosmetic goods. It seemed very useful.

After sketching and enjoying at the museum I sketched the frozen lake covered with snow. It was wonderful.  
pencil, 17.5 x 25 cm

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